Open House Night 2011 / Abend der offenen Tür 2011

Submitted by stf on 10. November 2011 - 14:26

Open House Night 2011

On November 15, 2011, at 17:30h the Knowledge-based Systems Group together with Informatik 5 has an Open House Night for all computer science students and other interested parties. We provide an insight to our research and teaching activities with some short talks and demos of recent and current projects. You can of course also have a chat with the staff.

Abend der offenen Tür 2011

Am 15. November ab 17:30 Uhr nutzt die KBSG zusammen mit dem I5 die abendliche Verfügbarkeit der Informatikstudierenden und lädt zum Abend der offenen Tür ein. Geboten wird ein Einblick in das Lehrstuhl- und Forschungsleben begleitet von interessanten Vorträgen, Demonstrationen laufender und vergangener Projekte und persönlichen Gesprächen mit den Lehrstuhlmitarbeitern.


To give you an impression of what we are concerned with, both in teaching and in research, we will show several demos, most of which are in the robotics area.

Perception of our RoboCup Middle-Size League Soccer Robots

See how our RoboCup Middle-Size League Soccer Robots make sense of the omni-directional camera input and detect field lines to localize themselves and detect the ball.


Play Soccer with the humanoid robot Nao

Our retired humanoid Nao robots are available for you to control them to play a round of soccer.


Our robot Caesar detecting and following a Robotino
[Lab Course "Interactive Games and/with Robots" (WS 2011/2012)]

This winter term's lab course shows off their first milestone: Using a kinect sensor to detect another robot, in this case a Robotino. This capability enables our robot caesar to follow the robotino around the hallway.


3D Tabletop Scene Recognition

We show how we find a table using RANSAC plane fitting and verification, then extract euclidean clusters on top of the table (kD-Tree), and finally calculate centroids and pass positions to the grasping module of the robot.


Flexible Mobile Manipulation for Domestic Service Robots

This demonstrates how we do motion planning for a constrained 5-DoF Katana arm, the integration with tabletop object clustering, and automatic online grasp planning.

Mobile Manipulation