Hiwi Job: Implementing AI methods for the Cluster of Excellence "Internet of Production" [filled]

Submitted by Martin Liebenberg on 1. July 2019 - 15:53

The Cluster of Excellence "Internet of Production" is a huge interdisciplinary project with more than 25 institutes at the RWTH. The KBSG is part of that cluster and is involved in decision support for production processes. That includes modelling and planning of processes, and using AI techniques to optimise these processes. Among other things the used methods might be logic-based knowledge representation; the robot programming language Golog based on the situation calculus; automated planning methods, including classical planning, decision-theoretic planning, numerical planning, planning under uncertainty; goal reasoning; verification of robot programs; execution monitoring and plan repair; high-level robot control; informed search and machine learning.

What you need:

  • Interest in interdisciplinary work
  • Experience in programming languages
  • Interest in learning new methods and programming languages

What is desirable:

  • An understanding of software engineering
  • Knowledge of C++, Python, JavaScript
  • Foundations in Logic

What we offer:

  • 11h/week
  • At least for 3 month
  • If it works out, we would like to extend it

If you are interested, please contact Martin Liebenberg