Bachelor's Thesis: A Simulation-based Angry Birds Agent [completed]

Submitted by stf on 21. August 2013 - 14:20


Based on the framework provided for the Angry Birds AI Competition the task is to develop and implement an agent that is capable to successfully play the game of Angry Birds.

Computer games have been used as a research tool and an application area of AI methods. One of the latest additions in this regard is the popular physics puzzle game Angry Birds by Rovio. Trying to make an agent autonomously play the game of Angry Birds poses several challenges. In 2012 the first edition of the so-called Angry Birds AI Competition was conducted. This thesis aims at contributing to the development of an agent to successfully participate in that competition.


  • (C++/Java) Programming Skills
  • Interest in computer vision
  • Interest in game AI
  • ...



  • ...


Dipl.-Inform. Stefan Schiffer