Seminar Foundations of AI SS 2009

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The foundations of Artificial Intelligence, and the scope of the discipline has benefited from significant insights for the last 50 years: from symbolic representation and reasoning to theoretical assertiveness for learning programs. In this seminar, we cover a few ideas on the foundations of the aforementioned approaches, such as the situation calculus and the Frame Problem in logical formalisms for action and effects, non-monotonic reasoning, and graphical representations for decision-making and learning.
Recently, Artificial Intelligence has also benefited from the use of important results in the field of game theory. To this extent, we also include topics in non-cooperative game theory and the impact of game theory on Artificial Intelligence.


Places for seminars and laboratories are centrally allocated. Registration will be open from 05.01.2009 until 18.01.2009 at the following URL: Please, clearly indicate why you want to join our seminar within the above mentioned registration process. We won't be able to consider your application otherwise.


  • basic study period completed (Vordiplom)
  • An understanding of logic in AI and computer science
  • Knowledge in graph theory and probability theory is necessary for the game theory and graphical representation topics
  • It is extremely helpful if the participants have taken both the Artificial Intelligence and the Knowledge Representation course with the department


The 14 topics to be discussed in the seminar and the associated literature is here. The list is subject to change and the final list will be presented at the preliminary meeting.

Christian KallaMulti-agent Reinforcement LearningDB
Faezeh AfrooziSymbolic Dynamic ProgrammingDB
Andreas BraunDefault ReasoningDB
Hussein BaagilKnowledge, Action and the Frame ProblemVB
Niklas HoppeNon-Markovian ControlVB
Xi ChenBeliefs and Game TheoryVB
Martin MrozekReasoning about UncertaintyVB
Esch Hans-GeorgSolution ConceptsVB
Hew Kar chinProgress a databaseJC
Christoph SchulzeKnowledge-Based ProgrammingJC
Wied PakusaState ConstraintsJC
Mohammed Reza YazdandoostFrame ProblemSTF
Andreas ToennisConcurrent ActionsSTF
Bernd HeyerLogic ProgrammingSTF


Session numbers with dates and topics are below.
Date Topics
Session 1: 27th AprilFrame Problem, Progress a Database
Session 2: 4th May Default Reasoning, Reasoning about Uncertainty
Session 3: 11th MayKnowledge and Action, Concurrent Actions
Session 4: 18th MayBeliefs and Game theory, Solution Concepts
Session 5: 25th MayState Constrains, Non-Markovian Control
Session 6: 8th JuneReinforcement Learning, Symbolic Dynamic Programming
Session 7: 15th JuneKnowledge-Based Programming, Logic Programming.

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