Lecture - Introduction to Knowledge Representation SS 2015

Submitted by Jens Claßen on 12. January 2015 - 11:57

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Topics covered in the course
The course introduces techniques for knowledge representation and reasoning. The topics covered are:

  • First-order logic
  • Expressing knowledge
  • Full clausal logic
  • Horn logic
  • Procedural representations
  • Answer set programming
  • Production systems
  • Description logics
  • Inheritance networks
  • Defaults
  • Action
  • Planning
  • Abductive explanations
  • Expressiveness/tractability trade-offs

Course Dates

This course starts on: 13th April 2015.
Lecture Monday 13:15h - 14:45h AH V 5053.2
Tuesday (biweekly) 08:15h - 09:45h AH I
Tutorial Tuesday 15:15h - 16:45h AH I


Ronald J. Brachman and Hector J. Levesque.
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning.
Morgan Kaufmann, 2004.

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