HiWi Job: web development for mobile robot frontends [filled]

Submitted by Till Hofmann on 6. September 2019 - 12:16

Our profile

The KBSG works on high-level decision making in multi-agent systems in the context of a smart factory scenario. With our team Carologistics, we participate in the RoboCup Logistics League (RCLL), a worldwide robotics competition in which a team of robots needs to cooperatively manufacture products in a smart factory. The Carologistics are the current world champion of the RCLL.

Your profile

  • You study computer science or a related subject.
  • You have programming skills, in particular in JavaScript and git.
  • You are self-reliant and can work independently on your own project
  • You have proficient English skills (German is not necessary).

Your tasks

What we offer

  • A student assistant (HiWi) contract with 6-10 hours per week
  • Public visibility of your contributions on GitHub
  • The possibility to join the Carologistics RoboCup team and participate in the competition


Please contact Till Hofmann if you are interested.