Bachelor's Thesis: Visual Gesture Recognition on a Mobile Robot [completed]

Submitted by stf on 12. February 2010 - 20:22


Based on Visual Hand Recognition the task is to develop and implement a system to recognize known (and possibly also define new) simple gestures meant to be used as commands issued to a robot.

As robots increasingly enter the daily life of humans their command and control has to be tailored to the laymen that use these robots just as much. For a user of a domestic service robot it is convenient to instruct a robot in a natural fashion. Besides input modalities such as speech, gestures are a very intuitive means to do so. There are several issues to address such as hand detection, posture recognition, and finally gestures and their mapping to commands.


  • (C++) Programming Skills
  • Interest in computer vision
  • Interest in robotics
  • ...




Dipl.-Inform. Stefan Schiffer