Diploma Thesis: Flexible Command Interpretation on a Mobile Robot using ReadyLog [completed]

Submitted by stf on 2. September 2010 - 17:44


In Domestic Service Robotics (DSR) human-robot interaction has to be as natural as possible since the robot should be easily operable even by laymen. Spoken language is a feasible means to do so but commands issued to a robot are often ill-formed or incomplete. The goal is to develop a system that is capable of successfully interpreting such commands.

As robots increasingly enter the daily life of humans their command and control has to be tailored to the laymen that use these robots just as much. For a user of a domestic service robot it is convenient to instruct a robot in a natural fashion. Speech is by far one of the most intuitive input modalities to do so.


  • C++ & Logic Programming Skills
  • Interest in natural language processing
  • Interest in robotics
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Dipl.-Inform. Stefan Schiffer