Planning in Artificial Intelligence (SS 02)

Dozent: Hector Geffner (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona)

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Diese Vorlesung wird in Englisch gehalten.

This lecture is held in English.

Lecture on

Planning in Artificial Intelligence

Lecturer: Hector Geffner (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona) [e-mail: hector.geffner@tecn.upf.es]

Lectures: Monday11:30-13:00, Seminar Room I5
Monday15:00-16:30, Seminar Room I5
Tutorials:Monday16:30-18:00, Seminar Room I5
The lectures and tutorials will be held biweekly.

Dates: 22.04.2002
[01.07.2002   (moved to 08.07.2002)]
[15.07.2002   (cancelled)]

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Topics covered in the course

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uncompressed compressed (gzip) H.Geffner:
About the slides, [...] There is no strict correspondence between what´s in the files and the slides I use (sometimes I skip some or include others ..), yet the approximation should be good enough (planning .. is NP-hard .. or worse!  :-) "
(May 2, 2002)


uncompressed compressed (gzip) H.Geffner:
Here is the exam for those willing to give it a try (apparently nobody NEEDS to take it). It´s very basic, just for self-evaluation and feedback. "  [e-mail: hector.geffner@tecn.upf.es]
(July 14, 2002)

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