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Cognitive Robotics (Seminar, SS 2004)

General information

Instructor: Prof. Gerhard Lakemeyer, Ph.D.
Assistants: Alexander Ferrein
Dr. Vazha Amiranashvili
Christian Fritz
  This course is held in English and/or German.

Over the past four decades, robotic research developed from manipulator control in manufacturing plants to today's mobile robots. Designing algorithms to enable mobile robots to function autonomously in unstructured, dynamic and uncertain environments is the key challenge to robotic research. Autonomous robots successfully operate in application areas as Service Robotics, unmanned military vehicles, and even Robotic Soccer as in RoboCup. Moreover, it is desired that the autonomous robots behave in an intelligent way beeing able to analyze the environment percepted by the sensors and select appropriate actions in order to fulfill a given task.

At Knowledge-based Systems Group the service robot Carl is installed. Furthermore, our team of soccer-robots for RoboCup's mid-size league is subject to ongoing research.

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Course Dates

This course starts on 19th April 2004.

Preliminary Discussion

We will distribute the seminar topics to the attendees.

Attendance is compulsory
05.02.2004 15:00h - 16:00h Seminar room I5
Architectures for Cognitive Robots (Johanna Rauchenberger) 26.04.2004 15:30h - 17:00h Seminar room I5
Probabilistic Algorithms in Mobile Robotics (Vanessa Brendt) 03.05.2004 15:45h - 17:15h Seminar room I5
Self-Localization -- Monte-Carlo Method (Hakan Karanfil) 10.05.2004 15:30h - 17:00h
Self-Localization -- Method Overview (Olaf Gliewe) 17.05.2004
Multi-Robot Localization and Mapping (Markus Bollwerk) 24.05.2004
Robot Vision (Lutz Böhnstedt) 07.06.2004
Structured Reactive Controllers (Dominique Ziegelmayer) 14.06.2004
Reinforcement Learning (Andre Altmann) 21.06.2004
Model-based Programming and Planning (Lutz Franzkowiak) 28.06.2004
drop out because of RoboCup (robocup.rwth-aachen.de) 05.07.2004
Golog -- A Robot Control Language in the Situation Calculus (Tobias Gass) 12.07.2004
Flux -- The Fluent Calculus in Robotics (Martin Kappe) 19.07.2004
Deployed Systems (Banani Roy) 26.07.2004


Additional material concerning the course can be found here:

Additional Information


This seminar addresses to sutdents in the Hauptstudium as well as to students in the Master's programme interested in Artificial Intelligent and Robotics. All attendees should have good knowledge in Artificial Intelligence.


The topics for this seminar are

Seminar Procedure

12 students are admitted to the seminar. Some of the topics can count for a credit in theory.

Seminar talks will be held weekly during semester. Participation is binding for achieving the credit. The preparation of the talks and the written workout should not be a translation or renarration of the given papers. The given literature is meant to be a starting point for own literature investigation on the topic. The literature should then be discussed with the instructor.

No later than 3 weeks before the talk the seminarist should hand in a preliminary workout and 1 week before the talk the final version of the transparencies must be given to the respective seminar instructor.

Instructions on a good seminar talk

Renate Eschenbach from our library offers guided tours on how to find literature in the library and how to prepare a seminar.
Interested student should enlist for a tour in the preliminary discussion.

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