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Introduction to Knowledge Representation (Lecture, SS 2007)

General information

Instructor: Prof. Gerhard Lakemeyer, Ph.D.
Assistants: Daniel Beck
Jens Cla├čen
  This course is held in English.

Topics covered in the course
The course introduces techniques for knowledge representation and reasoning. The topics covered are:

An announcement of the course can also be found in the course information system CAMPUS.

Course Dates

This course starts on 4th April 2007.
Lecture Monday 15:00h - 16:30h AH V
Wednesday 08:15h - 09:45h AH V
Tutorial Wednesday 13:15h - 14:45h AH I


18.01.2008   Details and Registration for Second Exam
The course homepage has been extended with details concerning the second written exam on 19th February 2008 and a registration form. Registration is possible until 12th February 2008.
17.08.2007 Certificates
The certificates can be picked up at the secretariate of the I5 (room 6231). Certificates are only available for those students who have NOT registered at the ZPA for this exam; for all students who have registered at the ZPA, the results will be submitted to the ZPA, directly.
10.08.2007   Results of Final Exam available
The results of the midterm exam are now available here. Exams can be accessed on Wednesday, August 15th, 2007 from 14:00 to 15:00 in the seminar room of Informatik 5 (room 6243).
07.08.2007   Exam "Introduction to Knowledge Representation" in AH V
Tomorrows's (8th August, 2007) final exam for the course "Introduction to Knowledge Representation" will take place in lecture hall AH V (all matriculation numbers).
01.08.2007 Misprint in Solution of Exercise 5.2 e)
There was a misprint in the solution of Exercise 5.2 part e) which has now been corrected.

[The error was under "In part c), we get that" in the second item: It now correctly reads "not(not Duck(tweety) and not Swim(tweety)) not in E" instead of "not(not Duck(tweety) or Swim(tweety)) not in E".]

12.07.2007 Solution for Exercise 5.2 available
The solution of Exercise 5.2 which has not been discussed in the tutorial because of lack of time is now available on the course's materials page.
06.07.2007 Course Evaluation available
The course's material webpage now contains the results of students' evaluation of lecture and tutorials.
06.07.2007 Practice exam available
A practice exam is now available on the course's material webpage.
06.07.2007 Additional information concerning the final exam
The course homepage has been extended with information concerning the final exam on 8th August 2007. It will start at 08:15 and takes place in lecture halls AH I and AH V. Information on how to divide up between the two lecture halls will be announced later.
06.07.2007   Schedule for the coming week
The schedule for the coming week has been changed: On Monday, 9th July, there will be no lecture. On Wednesday, 11th July, there will be a question and answer session instead of the lecture. Further there will be a regular tutorial on Wednesday.
18.06.2007   Registration for Final Exam
The registration for the final exam on 8th August 2007 is now possible via this online form until 1st August 2007. Once again, the registration here is independent from any official registration at ZPA. In particular Master students have to be additionally registered at ZPA.
12.06.2007   The DIES which is not a DIES anymore...
Though tomorrow (June 13th) is not an "official" DIES anymore neither the lecture nor the tutorial will take place.
04.06.2007   Results of Midterm Exam available
The results of the midterm exam are now available here. Exams can be accessed on Wednesday, 6th June 2007 from 10:00 to 11:00 in the seminar room of Informatik 5 (room 6243).
07.05.2007   Registration for Midterm Exam
The registration for the Midterm Exam is now possible via this online form.
25.04.2007 Course Room in the L²P E-Learning System
Material and announcements of this course will from now on be additionally published in a newly generated L²P course room. In order to use it, you have to register for "Introduction to Knowledge Representation (Tutorial)" via Campus Office.
24.04.2007 Course Scripts
The printed scripts that have not yet been fetched can from now on be obtained at Daniel Beck's (Room 6201) or Jens Claßen's office (Room 6213).
24.04.2007 Misprint in the Course Scripts
Due to a misprint, the chapter "Knowledge Engineering" appears twice in the printed course scripts. There is however nothing missing.
17.04.2007   Printed Course Scripts Available
The printed course scripts are now available and can be obtained at a price of 4 EUR in the beginning of tomorrow's (18th April) lecture or during tomorrow's tutorial.
11.04.2007   Course Scripts
Students who want to order a copy of the course script (which is a printout of the transparencies used in the lecture) and have not signed up for one yet, can do so by sending an email to Daniel Beck until tomorrow (12. April).


Ronald J. Brachman and Hector J. Levesque.
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning.
2003. BibTeX entry


Additional material concerning the course can be found here:

Semester Schedule

Lectures will start on 4th April 2007.

Tutorials will start on 18th April 2007.

Semester Schedule (preliminary):

Calender WeekMondayWednesday
14 04.04.2007 first lecture
15 09.04.2007 Holiday (Easter Monday) 11.04.2007 lecture 1st assignment online
16 16.04.2007 lecture 18.04.2007 lecture first tutorial deadline 1st assignment
17 23.04.2007 lecture 2nd assignment online 25.04.2007 lecture tutorial
18 30.04.2007 lecture 02.05.2007 lecture tutorial deadline 2nd assignment
19 07.05.2007 lecture 3rd assignment online 09.05.2007 lecture tutorial
20 14.05.2007 lecture 16.04.2007 lecture tutorial deadline 3rd assignment
21 21.05.2007 lecture 4th assignment online 23.05.2007 Midterm Exam DIES
22 28.05.2007 Holidays 30.05.2007 Holidays
23 04.06.2007 lecture 06.06.2007 lecture tutorial deadline 4th assignment
24 11.06.2007 lecture 5th assignment online 13.06.2007 DIES
25 18.06.2007 lecture 20.06.2007 lecture tutorial
26 25.06.2007 lecture 27.06.2007 lecture tutorial deadline 5th assignment
27 02.07.2007 lecture 04.07.2007 lecture tutorial
28 09.07.2007 no lecture 11.07.2007 Q & A session tutorial

Please note the changes in calendar week 28:


First Exam

The examination of this course is two-part: Note: There is no necessary minimal score for either part. The final grade is simply determined by the weighted (midterm: 30%, final: 70%) sum of the points achieved in both parts.

Second Exam

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