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Markovian Robotics (Seminar, SS 2008)

General information

Instructor: Prof. Gerhard Lakemeyer, Ph.D.
Assistants: Daniel Beck
Stefan Schiffer
  This course is held in English.

An announcement of the course can also be found in the course information system CAMPUS.

Course Dates

This course starts on 20th February 2008.
Introductory Meeting 29.02.2008 11:00h - 12:00h Seminarroom I5


Additional material concerning the course can be found here:



Agents are autonomous, computational entities (programs, robots) which perceive their environment through sensors and which are able to take influence on it through effectors. Many entities in robotics such as the environment itself, sensing results, and action effects are uncertain. To be able to cope with those uncertainties in complex domains one usually uses probabilistic mechanism. Many of those mechanism employ the Markov Assumption which refers to the dependence of temporal states. With it, values in any given state are only influenced by the values of the state directly preceding it.

We will cover various methods and formalism using the Markov Assumption like Markov Chains, Markov Decision Processes (in several forms), and Hidden Markov Models and investigate their applications to robotics. Theoretical backgrounds as well as practical aspects will be discussed and illuminated.


Places for seminars and laboratories are centrally allocated. Registration will be open from 07.01.2008 until 20.01.2008 at the following URL:

Please, clearly indicate why you want to join our seminar within the above mentioned registration process. We won't be able to consider your application otherwise.



You can have a look at the specific topics, who's working on it, and according literature on the material page of this seminar in the very near future.


Have a look at the material page.

Additional information

Seminar Procedure

Seminar talks will be held weekly throughout the semester. Participation is bindingly for achieving the credit. The preparation of the talks and the written workout should not be a translation or renarration of the given paper(s). The given literature is meant to be a starting point for own literature investigation on the topic. The literature should then be discussed with the instructor.

No later than 6 weeks before the talk the seminarist should hand in a preliminary workout and 3 week (latest!) before the talk the final version of the slides/transparencies must be given to the respective seminar instructor.
You are of course more than welcome to discuss and coordinate with us way before those final deadlines.

Instructions on a good seminar talk

Additional Info

Renate Eschenbach from our library offers guided tours on how to find literature in the library and how to prepare a seminar.
Interested students should enlist for a tour in the preliminary discussion.

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