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Logic-based Knowledge Representation (Seminar, WS 2005/2006)

General information

Instructor: Prof. Dr. Matthias Jarke
Assistant: Jens Cla├čen
  This course is held in English and/or German.


The seminar will treat selected topics from the areas of action formalisms, planning, description logics and nonmonotonic logics, where classical approaches as well as recent work of research will be discussed.


Participants should have attended at least one of the lectures "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" or "Introduction to Knowledge Representation".


Participants are encouraged to give the talk and write the seminar paper in English.

An announcement of the course can also be found in the course information system CAMPUS.

Course Dates

This course starts on 7th November 2005.
normally Monday 15:00h - 16:30h seminar room I5
sometimes Monday 15:00h - 18:00h seminar room I5


22.07.2005 Web page updated
The web page of the seminar "Logic-based Knowledge Representation" has been updated with literature references and course dates.


Additional material concerning the course can be found here:


31.10.200515:00h - 16:30hcancelled
07.11.200515:00h - 16:30hInformation Integration with Description LogicsKhodai Maziar
14.11.200515:00h - 16:30hTemporal Description LogicsLi Ying
21.11.200515:00h - 16:30hPreferences in Nonmonotonic LogicsMaya Nadkova Naydenova
05.12.200515:00h - 16:30hDefault Reasoning by Answer Set ProgrammingJulian Wild
12.12.200515:00h - 16:30hCausal Reasoning in the Action Language C+: CCALCTobias Kraemer
19.12.200515:00h - 16:30hcancelled
09.01.200615:00h - 16:30hAgent Programming in the Fluent Calculus: FLUXAdam Malik
16.01.200615:00h - 16:30hDescribing Planning Domains with PDDLDaniel Derieth
23.01.200615:00h - 16:30hComparing Expressiveness of Planning FormalismsCanan Bicer
30.01.200615:00h - 16:30h
16:30h - 18:00h
Planning with Loops
Ruslan Asaula
06.02.200615:00h - 16:30h
16:30h - 18:00h
Planning by Heuristic Search: The FF Planning System
Planning under Partial Observability
Han Ji Hyoung
Lars Grammel
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