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WG Cognitive Robotics (Working Group, WS 2006/2007)

General information

Instructor: Prof. Gerhard Lakemeyer, Ph.D.
Assistants: Alexander Ferrein
Stefan Schiffer
Jens Cla├čen
Daniel Beck
  This course is held in English.

Course Dates

This course starts on 1st October 2006.
Christoph Mies:
Repairing Policies of ReadyLog in Highly Dynamic Domains using Goal-Oriented Planning
21.11.2006 15:30h Seminarraum I5
Probevortrag (PCAR 06)
Stefan Schiffer:
Football is Coming Home
22.11.2006 14:00h Seminarraum I5
Probevortrag (LogWiss Project Symposium Dresden)
Jens Claßen and Hu Yuxiao:
Towards an Integration of Golog and Planning
04.12.2006 16:00h Seminarraum I5
Hu Yuxiao:
A Declarative Semantics for a Subset of PDDL with Time and Concurrency
12.12.2006 16:00h Seminarraum I5
Kolloquium der Fachgruppe Informatik
Prof. Dr. Wolfram Burgard (Uni Freiburg):
Probabilistic Techniques for Mobile Robot Mapping and Exploration
18.01.2007 16:30h AH I
Stephan Schiffel (TU Dresden):
Automatic Construction of a Heuristic Search Function for General Game Playing
19.01.2007 14:00h Seminarraum I5
Stephan Schiffel (TU Dresden):
Agent Logic Programs
25.01.2007 11:00h Seminarraum I5
Dr. Vazha Amiranashvili:
Robust Real-Time Localization and Mapping in Single and Multi-Robot Systems
14.02.2007 14:00h 5052
Carsten Gester:
Building Models of Stoachastic Actions in the Readylog Framework
21.02.2007 13:00h Seminarraum I9
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