Teaching, Sommersemester, 2012

Robotino Hackathon 2012

Together with the IMA/ZLW & IFU Institute Cluster, RWTH Aachen University and the Department for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Robotics Group, FH Aachen we founded a new joined team to participate in the Festo RoboCup Logistics League

To kick off the team, and as a preparation for RoboCup 2012 in Mexico City, there will be a Hackathon from May 28th to June 1st (excursion week). The goal of this Hackathon is to integrate a robotics system based on the Robotino robot, that can complete certain logistics task in a restricted environment.

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Lecture - Introduction to Knowledge Representation SS 2012

An announcement of the course can also be found in the course information system CAMPUS.

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Proseminar Artificial Intelligence SS 2012

This semester's proseminar will be on different (sub-)topics from artificial intelligence. We mainly follow the lines of the well known textbook by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig "Artificial Intelligence - A Modern Approach".

An announcement of the course can also be found in the course information system CAMPUS.

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Seminar Robust Reliable Robotics SS 2012

In this seminar we will study several aspects of robust and reliable robotics. Robots are machines created to fulfill particular tasks instead of or in cooperation with humans. In virtually all scenarios a failure is annoying or even catastrophic. Planetary rovers cannot be repaired easily or at all, broken factory robots can become vastly expensive not only due to the cost to repair the robot itself, but the problems they cause for the overall supply chain; and domestic service robots operate in close proximity to humans in their habitats and must take special precautions as not to harm a human or damage the interior. These considerations make it necessary to develop techniques and systems that enable a robot system to detect failures or unexpected behavior and at least stop, better even work around the problem.

The topics include recent papers on execution monitoring, robot system debugging, and fault detection.

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