Proseminar Artificial Intelligence SS 2008

Submitted by Alexander Ferrein on 9. February 2008 - 17:21

An announcement of the course can also be found in the course information system CAMPUS.


In this proseminar we discuss selected topics from the textbook
Stuart Russel, Peter Norvig: Artificial Intelligence - A Modern Approach, 2nd Edition, Prentice Hall


  • indepently working into a given proseminar topic
  • written proseminar thesis of about 15 pages
  • talk of 45 minutes
Talk and report and the talk will be prepared in teams of two students.

Preliminary Discussion

The preliminary discussion takes place on February 11, 2008, 15h00 in the Seminar room of Computer Science 5
In this meeting the topics will be appointed to the students. General remarks how to approach the proseminar topic and how to write the report are given. Participation is mandatory.


In this proseminar we discuss selected topics from the textbook
[1] Stuart Russel, Peter Norvig: Artificial Intelligence -- A Modern Approach. 2nd edition, Prentice Hall [2] Robin Murphy: Introduction to AI Robotics, The MIT Press
  1. Logical Agents, [1] Chap. 7
  2. Inference in FOL, [1] Chap. 9
  3. Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSP), [1] Chap. 5
  4. Planning, [1] Chap. 11
  5. Planning and Acting in the Real World, [1] Chap. 12
  6. Probabilistic Reasoning, [1] Chap. 14
  7. Probabilistic Reasoning over Time, [1] Chap. 15
  8. Making Complex Decisions, [1] Chap. 17
  9. Learning from Observations, [1] Chap. 18
  10. Statistical Learning Methods, [1] Chap. 20
  11. Reinforcement Learning, [1] Chap. 21
  12. Probabilistic Language Processing, [1] Chap. 23
  13. Vision / Perception, [1] Chap. 24
  14. Navigation, [2] Chap. 9
Note that the selection of topics may change. The final list of topics will be given in the preliminary discussion.

Additional information

Seminar Procedure

Two seminar talks will be held at each meeting. Participation in all meetings is bindingly for achieving the credit. The literature should then be discussed with the instructor. The instructors of the different topics are to be announced.

No later than 3 weeks before the talk the seminarist should hand in a preliminary workout to the respective seminar instructor. As for the transparencies it is 1 week (latest!) for the final version.
You are of course more than welcome to discuss and coordinate with us way before those final deadlines.

Instructions on a good seminar talk

Library Tour

Renate Eschenbach from our library offers guided tours on how to find literature in the library and how to prepare a seminar.
Interested students should enlist for a tour in the preliminary discussion.
The Library Tour is mandatory for Bachelor students!