The Knowledge-Based System Group is concerned with topics in knowledge representation, artificial intelligence, and cognitive robotics.

M.Sc. Thesis: Multi-Agent Behavior Tree Synthesis

Multi-agent systems are present in many industrial plants where either co- operative agents help in finishing production faster than a single agent, or where some agents have limited capabilities and must be supported by others (e.g., a robot has a screw driver and another provides the screws). In both cases, agents need to coordinate the task planning and execution. While many approaches exist that achieve such coordination, we plan to use Be- havior Trees which, due to their inherent modularity, offer a flexible and readable graphical models for fast prototyping when it comes to creating new products or variants of existing ones. Additionally, they have a built in execution monitoring mechanism.

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M.Sc. Thesis: Behavior Trees for Assisted Robot Teleoperation

People with tetraplegia or other physical impairment who lack limb controlneed assistance in order to executes everyday tasks and Actions of DailyLiving (ADLs). Unfortunately, having human assistance is not reliable dueto the human assistant or care giver’s availability throughout the day. Ad-ditionally, it could be quite expensive since experienced care givers are ingreat demand. Research recently started leaning towards robotic assistance for the physically impaired. This comes in the form of robot arm teleop-eration with varying levels of autonomy interleaved with the direct human control.

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M.Sc. Thesis: Trajectory Generation for Preforming of Fiber Reinforced Plastics

The production of Fiber-Reinforced Plastics (FRP) usually requires a lot of expert knowledge possessed by individual workers. However, a growing shortage of skilled workers prevails. In addition, high quality demands are placed on production. One possible solution for these requirements could be robot-based automation and human-robot collaboration within the process.

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