Caesar - An Intelligent Domestic Service Robot

Wednesday, Feb 1, 2006

The Knowledge-Based Systems Group covers research in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR+R), and Cognitive Robotics. An application domain in this regard is domestic service robotics. The robot platform that we use for research in this domain is Caesar.

Robot Platform


Caesar is used for research in AI, KR+R and Cognitive Robotics. Individual topics covered are as follows:

  • Robot Base & Middleware
    • Robust Collision Avoidance in Unknown Environments
    • Fawkes Robot Software Framework
    • Lua-based Behaviour Engine
  • Human-Robot Interaction
    • Real-time One-step Face Detection, Recognition and Learning
    • Robust Speaker Independent Speech Recognition
    • Modular Gesture Recognition
    • Flexible Natural Language Interpretation
  • Representation and Reasoning
    • Seamless Integration of Human-like Notions
    • Human-like Notions Control Constructs
    • Logic-based High-level Control
    • Qualitative Spatial Reasoning
  • Assistive Service Robotics
    • Integration of Human-Robot Interaction and Qualitative Reasoning for Assistive Service Robotics in Home-like Environments
  • Benchmarking Methodology
    • RoboCup@Home as a Benchmark for Assistive Service Robotics Technology


AllemaniACs' participation in RoboCup@Home

Selected Publications

  • Lessons Learnt (Ferrein et al., AAAI-SS 2013)
  • Object Perception (Niemueller et al., IROS-WS 2013)
  • Natural Language Interpretation (Schiffer et al., ICAART, 2012 [Best Paper Award], Schiffer et al., A&AI 2013)
  • Integrating Qualitative Reasoning and Human-Robot Interaction (Schiffer et al., JISR 2012)
  • Order Cups Demo (Schiffer et al., KI 2012)
  • Qualitative Spatial Reasoning (Schiffer et al., JINT 2011)
  • Fuzzy Representations and Control in Domestic Domains (Schiffer et al., SIMPAR 2010, Schiffer et al., ICIRA 2011)
  • Gesture Recognition (Schiffer et al., ICIRA 2011)
  • Robot Self-Maintenance (Schiffer et al., CogRob 2010; Schiffer et al., DRHE 2010)
  • Lua-based behaviour engine (Niemueller et al., RoboCup 2009)
  • Fawkes robot software framework (Niemueller et al., SIMPAR 2010)
  • Robust Collision Avoidance (Jacobs et al., RoboCup 2009)
  • Fuzzy Controller in Golog (Ferrein et al., IEEE-FUZZ 2009)
  • RoboCup@Home benchmarking methodology (Wisspeintner et al., IS 2009; Wisspeintner et al., RoboCup 2009)
  • Real-time face detection, recognition and learning (Belle et al., 2008)
  • Fuzzy set-based qualitative fluents (Ferrein et al., ICIRA 2008)
  • Robust speech recognition (Doostdar et al., RoboCup 2008 [Best Paper Award])
  • Logic-based robot control for dynamic domains (Ferrein & Lakemeyer, RAS 2008)
  • Semantic map building (Schiffer et al., PCAR 2006)