Thursday, Nov 15, 2007

Target of this project is developing a deliberative component supporting precise coordinated acting of multirobotic systems under real-time constraints. The integration of a total system and validation of results for simulated as well for real robots take place within the framework of ROBOCUP. As the general basis for the deliberative component which we will develop, the logic based controller language GOLOG, developed at the University of Toronto, will be used. This language has been advanced within our workgroup over the recent years and has been utilized successfully for controlling mobile robots.


To measure up to highly dynamical environments e.g. ROBOCUP developing of a suitable GOLOG-Dialect is required first (READYLOG). For these purposes existing extensions dealing with continuous actions and actions with uncertain effects will be integrated into a language additionally extended with a utility-theory. For validation of this approach in the framework of ROBOCUP we will adapt our approach to the SOCCERSERVER of simulation league as well as to real robots with an appropriate basic control software. For application we will generate suitable READYLOG-control-programs, as well as modules for communication, role allocation and for maintenance and utilization of a global worldmodel. Additionally for real robots we have to link so called sensing actions on the side of READYLOG with the available sensors of the robots. The development of the deliberative component takes place in several phases after an initial design. These stages each embrace a critical evaluation and a redesign, with at least …