Laboratory - Robot Control with Golog WS 2007/2008

Monday, Oct 1, 2007

An announcement of the course can soon be found in the course information system CAMPUS.


Mobile robots can and are already being used in numerous applications. Examples are tourguide robots in museums, security robots, or robots helping in healthcare. Furthermore, there are other scenarios where researches evaluate their methods one of which involves robots playing soccer. Besides low-level tasks like localization or navigation any of the above robots must be able to make intelligent decisions. There are various control systems and one of them is a logic based approach using Golog.

The Knowledge-based Systems Group has a team of soccer robots and participates in the RoboCup Middle-size league. We also participate in the RoboCup@home league which focuses on service robotics tasks in a domestic environment. For our high-level control we employ a dialect of Golog called ReadyLog.

The goal of the lab is to develop a high-level control framework in Golog. We will start with an introduction to Golog. Then we will design and implement the control framework in Golog. Finally, we will apply the framework to a specific robotic control program.


  • basic study period completed (Vordiplom)
  • profound programming skills (C/C++)
  • possibly interest in logic-based programming
  • high motivation (at least 5 hours per week)
  • at least basic knowledge in logic programming (Prolog)
  • Linux skills



We will be using the ECLiPSe prolog engine in this lab. You can download it from the ECLiPSe sourceforge page.