Seminar Selected Topics on Specifying Intelligent Agents SS 2010

Monday, Dec 21, 2009


In this seminar we take an in-depth look at several different approaches for specifying intelligent agents. Generally, the formal specification not only influences the actual behavior of the agent but the framework it is given in also determines its abilities to reason about its behavior. Finding a good tradeoff between the expressiveness of the framework and its complexity, deriving “intelligent” behavior from the the agent’s specification, and the comparison of the different approaches are questions that are of high interest throughout the seminar. We consider approaches for single agent as well as for multi agent scenarios.


Places for seminars and laboratories are centrally allocated. Registration will be open from 07.01.2010 until 17.01.2010 at the following URL: Please, clearly indicate why you want to join our seminar within the above mentioned registration process. We won’t be able to consider your application otherwise.


  • basic study period completed (Vordiplom)
  • An understanding of logic in AI and computer science
  • It is extremely helpful if the participants have taken both the Artificial Intelligence and the Knowledge Representation course

Introductory Meeting

The introductory meeting took place on March 19th at 11:00 in the i5 seminar room (room 6202). Participation was compulsory.

Seminar Date

The seminar will take place on August 9 and 10. The talks will start at 9:00 and continue until around 16:00.

General Info

Seminar Procedure

Participation in all meetings is bindingly for achieving the credit. The literature given for the talk should be discussed with the instructor. The instructors of the different topics are to be announced

Library Tour

Renate Eschenbach from our library offers guided tours on how to find literature in the library and how to prepare a seminar. Interested students should enlist for a tour in the preliminary discussion.