Seminar Plan and Activity Recognition SS 2013

Friday, Jan 11, 2013

In this seminar we will study several different approaches to and aspects of plan and activity recognition. Recognizing what other agents are doing is an important aspect of intelligent systems. For example, a domestic service robot needs to understand what the human is doing in order to interact with him in a reasonable way. And a self-driving car should know what the other traffic participants are doing right now and infer what they are going to do in the next moments. Different domains bring along different problems and needs for levels of expressiveness like partial observability, incomplete knowledge, non-deterministic actions, adversarial agents, potentially hazardous situations. We will study some of the latest research on these problems and work out the particular strengths and weaknesses.

The topics include recent papers on plan and activity recognition.


Places for seminars and laboratories are centrally allocated. Registration will be open from 14.01.2012 until 28.01.2012. Please, clearly indicate why you want to join this particular seminar within the above mentioned registration process. We won’t be able to consider your application otherwise. The number of available slots is limited.


  • Basic study period completed (Bachelor or Vordiplom).
  • An understanding of embodied AI and computer science.
  • It is extremely helpful if the participants have taken both the Artificial Intelligence and the Knowledge Representation course with the department.

Introductory Meeting

The date and time for the introductory meeting will be announced here. Participation is compulsory.


The list of topics and the literature provided for each topic will be announced in the introductory meeting. Remember: the provided references only serve as a starting point for you own literature research!

Seminar Date

The seminar will be held as a block seminar on two consecutive days. The dates and times will be announced in the introductory meeting.

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General Info

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Seminar Procedure

Participation in all meetings is bindingly for achieving the credit. The literature given for the talk should be discussed with the instructor. The instructors of the different topics are to be announced.

Library Tour

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Seminar intro Slides