Robotino Bonding Hackathon 2013

Saturday, Jan 25, 2014

Together with Bonding, the IMA/ZLW & IFU Institute Cluster, RWTH Aachen University and the Department for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Robotics Group, FH Aachen we will host the Robotino Bonding Hackathon. Students will compete in small teams to develop the behavior of a robot operating in a simplified desaster scenario to develop effective behavior strategies to recover and prioritize items from the arena.

The event is organized by the Carologistics RoboCup Team.

Who can participate?

Any student of the RWTH Aachen University or the FH Aachen can participate. Because of constraints in room and advisers participants will be selected among the applicants. Strong applications including good qualifying information are preferred.

Participants should be fluent in C++ programming. A background in robotics (lectures, programming experience etc.) and interest in logical programming languages and knowledge representation and reasoning is preferred but not required. Students must be eager to learn about new mathematical and programming concepts and to work in small groups on a particular topic.

What do we offer?

We can offer first-hand knowledge and experience in robot research and application development from an experienced team of robotics researchers. The event is endorsed by the Bonding initiative and the well-known companies ABB, Ericsson, and Inform will sponsor the event. There will be great prizes for the winning team!

There will be free food and soft drinks throughout the Hackathon.

Background info

The RoboCup Logistics League is a brand-new league sponsored by the German industrial manufacturer Festo. The goal is to solve problems in logistics with autonomous mobile robots in a competitive environment. Three Robotino robots per team have the task to transport material between production locations within the field of play.

We will modify this to a search and rescue scenario where you need to design and program the robot behavior to prioritize items to find and retrieve.

When will the Hackathon take place?

The Hackathon will be held in the night from November 22nd to 23rd 2013 (18:00 to 5:00).

How to participate

To participate you will need to apply by email until November 18th 2013. Applicants will be notified by November 20th of acceptance or rejection. There are only a limited number of slots available. Applications will be selected based on the documentation of the student’s background handed in with the application.

To apply send an email to Tim Niemueller including information regarding your studies, semester, and about your background in (C++) programming, robotics, and relevant lectures.