Lecture: The Logic of Knowledge Bases

Thursday, Feb 4, 2021


This course is about the logic of knowledge bases, in two distinct but related senses. On the one hand, a knowledge base is a collection of sentences in a representation language that entails a certain picture of the world represented. On the other hand, having a knowledge base entails being in a certain state of knowledge where a number of other epistemic properties hold. One of the principal aims of this course is to develop a detailed account of the relationship between symbolic representations of knowledge and abstract states of knowledge. Students wishing to attend the course should be familiar with first-order predicate logic.

  1. Introduction
  2. The First-Order Language L
  3. The Knowledge Language KL
  4. Properties of KL
  5. Tell and Ask
  6. An Extended Example
  7. Knowledge Bases: Abstract & Concrete
  8. The Representation Theorem
  9. Only Knowing
  10. Connection to Autoepistemic Logic
  11. Knowing About
  12. Limited Belief
  13. Knowledge and Action

Course Dates

The lecture starts on Tuesday, April 20, 2021.

Day Time Place
Lecture Tuesday * online (Moodle)
Thursday * online (Moodle)
Tutorial Wednesday * online (Moodle)

* The lecture and tutorial will be recorded and available on Moodle on the given day.

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